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A simple test render.

I asked Kael and Chad to do something simple just to test the new hardware and software we're now using, and this is what happens when Kael wants to show off!
Time To Say....

It is with a heavy heart that the Manor is now saying Goodbye to 4 of it's members.

Travis has decided that it's time to see the world and all it has to offer.

Meanwhile, Adric has found a rather special someone who is not interested in joining the Manor, and Adric has agreed to move in with his new love.

Aiden and Bastien have also been talking, and decided that its time for them to follow their dreams, moving to the Caribbean to enjoy the tropical climate.

So from us here at the Manor, we wish these guys all the best in their journey, and hope that one day, paths will cross again.
Whilst everything gets updated and such, I thought I'd take a quick snapshot of Sean and Alex as they are captured by the new hardware we have.

Here they just pose naturally to give a preview of the increased effect of what we can now do, and hope to do for a long time to come to keep our devoted fans coming back for more!

If you love what is created here at TF, please consider supporting by sharing or donating at
The funds will help with progressing into RL Photography aswell as new and more exciting content to make even more fantasies come true!

I've slowly gotten a handle on the new software. Yay!

I have also installed Photoshop and Lightroom. YaY!

Now I have over 600 Content products to install. Not so yay!

Stay tuned! Oh, just for the hardcore fans. Please don't hate me if I have to rework a few of your favourite characters - I promise the realistic results will be well worth your 'personal time' if you know what I mean!
Technical Hiatus. 

Well isn't this just fabulous - I start making more pics and posting them and enjoying it, and my PC dies. Kapoof! Well at least I have a new PC, stronger, better, faster and smaller in physical size. The only downside is, because of all the content I have, I am going to be reinstalling crap for weeks. Also, I h ave decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my software so the images I produce will come out more realistic since I now have the power to do so. So stay tuned, and I will be back as soon as I get a handle on the new software and reinstall everything!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
So, as the info would suggest, I'm Phil and reside in Australia.


Age: 29

Birthplace: Victoria

Orientation: G0y (Asexual-(I'm complicated))

Religious Views: No, only trees, however if I stand on my tip-toes on the toilet seat, I can see the top of a chapel.

Job: Assistant Budding Photographer

Interests: Movies, DVD Series, Writing, Music.

Hobbies: Dancing, shopping, daydreaming, jumping on beds, standing on my head, skipping, getting dizzy, lip syncing, instilling paranoia, teasing, seducing, wooing.

Kinks: Trample, sitting, feet, socks, sneakers, bondage, breath play, sensory deprivation, objectification. In that approximate order.


Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: CBBQ Bacon Double Stacker!

Favorite Car: XR6

Favorite Music: Any but Rap and Heavy Metal

Favorite Location: Under feet, size 10+ preferably.

Favorite Apparel: White Socks

Favorite Shoes: Nike TNs or Shox


Walk or Run? Jog

Fold or Scrunch? Fold

Cotton, Silk or Satin? Cotton

Bath or Shower? Shower

Hot and sunny or cold and wet? Warm and Sunny

Glasses or Contacts? Glasses


Dark Hair

Blue Eyes

Long fingers and toes

High arches

Long Legs

Dominant canine teeth (Fangs)


Disclaimer: Friendship with me can cause dizziness, weakness, butterflies and random moments of laughter. Please be advised that all symptoms are normal, should they persists perpetually, please visit a serious/moody friend and symptoms will cease.

Find me on Facebook at:…

Current Residence: Australia

Favorite genre of music: Any but Rap/Metal

Favorite photographer: Michael Stokes

Favorite style of art: Photography and Digital

Operating System: Windows7

MP3 player of choice: Samsung 6 Edge

Shell of choice: Sea Shells

Wallpaper of choice: Male Torso or Feet

Skin of choice: Tanned, with lines!

Favorite cartoon character: Agnes. It's so FLUFFAY!

Personal Quote: Faces are on the front of people so we can see where we're going, not where we've been.
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: iTunes Playlist
  • Watching: JAG
  • Eating: Tiny Teddy's
  • Drinking: Coke-a-Cola
TF Will be moving to a pay only site. Simple as that.

I have had it with people posting modified versions of my work so that my copyrights are not visible.

Within the next 6-12 months, Trample Fantasy will be moving, once the move is complete, the images posted here will be CLEARLY stamped, and reduced resolution.

The images posted in the meantime, will be stamped with a larger copyright, which will be impossible to edit out without destroying the image.

I do not wish to receive any notes or comments 'wishing you could see the image clearly', those responsible know who they are, and only have themselves to blame.

There will be an exclusive list of people, my closest friends who will still be able to see my images for free. Do not ask for access to this list. I will give it as I see fit.

Congratulations foot lovers, this is what greed does to you.


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